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Av iansomerhalder - 31 december 2011 19:37

Ja, jag tänker inte sitta vid datorn vid tolvslaget så jag passar på nu.

Gott nytt år på er läsare! Jag tycker det här året har varit fantastisk på bloggen. Ni läsare har varit så underbara och gulliga och jag vill tacka er för det! Tack för all stöd det här året!

Jag vill också skriva om hur jag tycker Ians år har sett ut från min sida. Jag tycker 2011 har varit Ians år. Så mycket härliga grejer har hänt honom. Han pratade om miljön och djuren inför kongressen i USA. Han spelade in en dokumentär i Afrika men Allan Savory. The Vampire Diaries har varit helt fantastisk. Alla konventioner har varit helt underbart att titta på även fast man önskar att man själv varit där. Första eventet med Ian Somerhalder Foundation ägde rum också det här året. Det har gått fantastiskt för dom! 

Nu satsar vi på att 2012 ska bli ännu bättre!! Nu kör vi gott folk! Ha en bra kväll! ♥

Ian i april 

Ian i maj när han var på middag i Vita Huset

Ian på MMVA i Toronto, Kanada, juni


Ian på Comic Con, juli

Ian på Teen Choice Awards, augusti

Ian på Emmy Awards, september

Ian på the första IS Foundation eventet Empoweresque, oktober

Ian med i en musikvideo, november

Ian på The Ripple Effect, december


Av iansomerhalder - 29 december 2011 12:45

Precis, vad tittar Ian på TV?

Klicka på länken där nere och kolla vad Ian tittar på TV.



Av iansomerhalder - 29 december 2011 00:26

För nån vecka sen (varje fall den här månaden) så skrev jag om en konvention som Creation Entertainment skulle ha i San Fransisco. Nu har dom bekräftat vilka som ska komma och det är klart nu att Ian ska komma! Med sig har han Paul Wesley och Zach Roerig. Konventionen är den 28-29 juli 2012 i San Fransisco, USA.




Av iansomerhalder - 27 december 2011 23:32

För ett tag sen fick vi reda på att Ian skulle medverka i Eurovision-vinnaren, Dima Bilans musikvideo. Låten heter Blind Love på engelska. Låten är på ryska.

Nu har videon släppts och här är den! Ian är otroligt snygg i videon (som alltid).


Av iansomerhalder - 26 december 2011 22:28

Ytterligare en intervju med Ian från Kat Grahams event, The Ripple Effect. Ian pratar om hur vi slösar våra vattenresurser osv.


Av iansomerhalder - 25 december 2011 23:40

Kanske lite sent men passar på ändå....

God jul på er bästa läsare! :)

Hoppas ni har haft en mysig och trevlig jul! :)


Även Ian önskar en god jul till oss alla! Och vi önskar honom också en god jul och hoppas att han hade en bra jul :)


Av iansomerhalder - 21 december 2011 20:30

Ian pratade med Yahoo bland annat om hur han förbereder sig för The Vampire Diaries (inga spoilers här), om han kommer vara med i en film och minnesvärda stunder från 2011.

About how long does it take you to learn your script for each TVD episode?

"Lucky for me, learning the script doesn't take long at all! I seem to have been blessed with some kind of photographic memory which comes in handy with my job. The part that really takes some time is breaking down the script so that I feel connected to Damon's instincts, words, actions, and body language. I'll spend hours on end working with my phenomenal acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck, going through the script and familiarizing myself with all the nuances woven into each of Damon's relationships and all the subtext that floats underneath the lines."

Your fans would love to see you in a movie, do you think they will get this chance soon?

"Let's hope so! I feel tremendously grateful every day to breathe life into the complexity that is Damon, but as an actor, I live for finding ample opportunities to push my own boundaries within my craft. Every film that I'm lucky enough to be a part of teaches me something along the way. As I explore the layers and connective tissue of each new character, I am diving deeper into my own subconscious and finding out more about myself. For that exploration alongside the incredible relationships and experiences that take place with filmmaking, I would be more than happy for my fans to see me in a movie super soon!"

Is there anyone on set that is known to play pranks? If so, what was the funniest?

"Oh, we all do! When you have a show that shoots every day and often throughout all hours of the night, you have to keep the spirit alive. Lucky for us, our cast and crew are really close and have mastered the art of humor, pranks and impeccable timing. Every day when I get to set, I'm waiting to see who has something in store. Don't get me wrong, we work diligently and care deeply about our work, but the pranks keep us on our toes! Recently I got in on a prank with our first AD Rudy which involved a nude scene...some double stick tape...and a pair of elephant ears...we'll leave it at that..."

During the summer break you do a lot of traveling to different countries going to conventions and meeting fans. Do you have a particular favorite place to visit?

"I can't say that I have an absolute favorite since each experience is so unique, but I can say that I love traveling and meeting all of the wonderful people who support the show. Without a doubt, I feel like a lucky guy having the opportunity to soak in the cultures and characteristics of all these different countries and to connect with the people that reinvigorate me every day with their love and encouragement. Every trip I take, I meet people I will never forget and bring home stories I will forever remember."

I know that outside of acting there is something that holds a special place in your heart and that you are very passionate about. Will you talk a bit about this?

"About a year ago, something really magical happened: the birth of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. What started as my desperate need to see change in the world soon reached far beyond my voice as it multiplied across the globe. In no time at all, unified voices emerged to form ISF groups that reached out through social media to connect, empower and inspire other changemakers in their community. Now over 350 youth lead groups are orchestrating environmental initiatives and seeing their visions out to completion all over this beautiful planet. I'm so proud and honored to be part of the ISF family. The IS Foundation not only holds a special place in my heart, but truly gives me the hope every single day, that we--especially our youth--can be the change we want to see in restoring this incredible planet and protecting life in all forms."

ISF is always working on some pretty cool stuff. Are there any upcoming projects that you are particularly excited about being part of?

"There are always ongoing and upcoming projects blossoming within ISF, so I constantly have a reason to be excited! We recently hosted our first big ISF event in Atlanta ("Empoweresque") and I was finally able to see some of the beautiful faces that help make this foundation soar. Right now one of the projects we are focusing on is Earth Summit 2012, also known as Rio+20. We are collaborating with similar minded changemakers and groups to utilize social media as a tool to encourage World Leaders to attend this important UN conference. We are also taking youth volunteers for five important task forces: Green Economy, Objective's, Facilitation, Governance for Sustainability and Mobilize US. While ISF has worked on many projects in its first year, this is one of the biggest campaigns ISF has taken on so far. We're brimming with excitement and anticipation about the results of this mass collaboration! We also have something else up our sleeve for next year that we can't reveal quite yet but can guarantee will be one truly incredible weekend..."

What is one of your most memorable moments from 2011?

"Wow...so much took place in 2011. From filming The Vampire Diaries, to meeting and interacting with fans, to ISF's flourishing in its first year, and to meeting volunteers who care about the planet and its creatures the same way I do...it has left me in a pure state of awe. I also had the opportunity to bond and connect with some very memorable people that have made lasting impressions on me that circulate through my mind daily. In February, I was honored to receive an invitation to speak at Deepak Chopra's Sages & Scientists Symposium. By even sharing oxygen with these brilliant minds, I felt enriched spiritually and mentally. This enlightenment was really punctuated on my trip to Zimbabwe to visit, document and study under Allan Savory and his concepts of Holistic Management. I absorbed all I could from the remarkable people I met at the symposium and in Africa and carried that with me when I testified before Congress on behalf of the Multinational Species Coalition in the capital of the United States, Washington DC. Really when I look at 2011, I feel nothing but humbled by all of the inspiring voices I heard and incredible people I met."


Källa1 ,Källa2

Av iansomerhalder - 21 december 2011 19:54

Alla i TVD-gänget har semester nu till julen och Ian twittrade denna bild:


"I’m happy here… Holidays, thank you for coming"

Hoppas han har det bra och njuter av sin semester!



I den här bloggen kommer du ju självklart att få läsa om Ian Somerhalder! Välkommen!




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