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Av iansomerhalder - 17 mars 2012 21:24

Spoiler för er som kollar TVD i svensk takt!!!!

Carina MacKenzie från zap2it.com pratade med Ian på Paleyfest förra lördagen om Sage, Damon & Elena och om Damon som ställer upp som en storebror för Stefan. Ian säger också att vi kommer gråta under säsongsfinalen av The Vampire Diaries. OMG.


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Av iansomerhalder - 3 mars 2012 14:45

Ian pratar om Damon och Stefans relation i det kommande avsnittet "1912".

Spoilers för er som följer The Vampire Diaries i svensk takt!!

Av iansomerhalder - 2 mars 2012 21:24

Intervju med Ian på Elton John AIDS Foundation Party den 26 februari med PopSugar.


Av iansomerhalder - 9 februari 2012 22:30

TV Guide hälsade på The Vampire Diaries inspelning och fick en liten intervju med Ian om bland annat om att Damon ska vara naken osv.. Innehåller spoilers faktiskt för er svenska tittare.

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Av iansomerhalder - 8 februari 2012 16:29

Ian är på februari omslaget av Status Magazine där han pratar bland annat om skådespelarkarriären. Den som skrev artikeln/intervjuade Ian heter Reena Mesias. 


It’s three in the morning, the witching hour for some; but for me it’s usually the watching hour for television shows. It’s a jungle out there in my neck of the woods. There’s True Blood‘s maenads, werewolves, and werepanthers. There’s The Walking Dead‘s zombies. But it’s Ian Somerhalder playing the vampire rebel Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries who I get to talk to at the dead of the night.

Ian plays the vampire in point to its essence: estranged, cruel, and having persuasive powers potent as poison. Onscreen and through the phone line, he dazzles just the same. He tells me, “Aww, you’re so sweet.” Just imagine the smile on my face upon hearing this. Yes, fangirling is on.

But way before I joined the fang-wagon, Ian was already known as Boone in Lost. Thinking he had everything going for him after the show, he auditioned for the role of Jason Stackhouse inTrue Blood. Although he grew up in Louisiana where Bon Temps, the setting for True Blood, is located, familiarity with geography still didn’t give him the part. I don’t blame Alan Ball. As far as characters go, Ian doesn’t embody the dirty South, rather he represents the age-old sophisticate. That includes Somerhalder’s ease to Hollywood with a smirk and glare that can stun any onlooker.

As a little kid, Ian already had the glib and gab of a vampire. “I remember, I was so young, I had an imaginary friend named Ian whom my poor family had to deal with probably by a year,” Ian recalls. “Ian liked everything I liked so I asked my mom for this whole pack of gum and then she found me an hour later with my mouth full of it. And my mom said, ‘Wait a minute, Ian. I thought some was for Ian, too.’ And I said, ‘Nope, nope. Ian doesn’t like this kind.’ [laughs] So I used to do things like that. It just kinda made my mom realize that I was meant to be an actor.”

He went to become a model at 10-years old—getting gigs for Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and even Toys ‘R’ Us. “You know, I used to think [I missed out on my childhood],” Ian says. “I don’t anymore. I still rode my horse. I still played sports with my friends. I was very, very lucky to have the experience that I did, because it was all part of it. That’s what made me, me.”

If there was, however, one thing he wished he was able to do, it was to study art history. “I love art. I wanted to go to NYU, but I ended up booking a television show and moving out to LA,” Ian says. “You can learn art history obviously just by being a surveyor of art. I mean, I go to art galleries all around the world. I read a lot about art. I wish I just had been able to take a crash course in it. I eventually wanna learn how to paint. Also, music is a huge thing [for me]. Not so that I could play music that well, but a lot of my friends (My Morning Jacket, Bright Eyes) are exceptionally talented and wildly successful musicians.”

Guaranteed Ian could be the “next big thing” in Hollywood, he goes about his other businesses away from all that with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, where his team protects animals and the environment. Once, he made his way to Capitol Hill to testify before the Congress to save Leatherback turtles. They also recently had their first fundraiser that was themed as a big burlesque party, to which Ian thinks Dita Von Teese “would get a kick out of.” Ian says, “I didn’t just wanna do a fundraiser that’s just a dinner with everyone in suits and ties. I wanted it to be a party like a celebration of conversation.”

If Ian wanted it, he could enjoy all the orgy of pleasures in this world, but he doesn’t need the fleeting highs that vamps would often indulge in. Instead, acting, appreciating art, and fundraising take up most of his time. He’s just far from lamenting the down side of his jobs such as lack of privacy. He even thinks he has the “best job ever.”

I ask him to advise people who wanna act, and he shouts, “Don’t do it!” He laughs, adding, “It takes more perseverance and tenacity to do the job. There are so few slots for work. But honestly, the only advice I could give—and I’m just bad with advice—is if you’re auditioning, you have to do the work. You have to find what you’re saying, why you’re saying it. You just have to, and I think the easiest way to do that, honestly—I sound like an advertisement for it, but James Franco, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, and I used it—is to just read the damn book: Ivanna Chubbuck’s The Power of the Actor. Whether the pseudo, frustrated, or rising actors like it or not, it’s true. Acting is hard work, but Ian reveals its frill: “You learn a lot about yourself… to kind of not judge yourself,” he says. “The only way to really connect to a character, make a line or text seem real to you, is to use a connective tissue between your own life and the life of that character. Meaning, the only way to make a scene work real for you is if you’re pulling from your own experience—past, present, and future.” Equipped with those, he can take on any role. “There is no dream role… I just wanna do great films, with great filmmakers and great actors. I would love to be funny… I would love an incredible drama,” he says.

After about an hour of talking to Ian, it dawned on me that I could sit there for another three hours or even the rest of the day. I refer to him as an artist or an actor. But he contests, “I don’t wanna call myself anything. I just like to act,” he says. You can hate him as much as you want—because your girlfriend adores him, because he makes your boyfriend look like Shrek, because he won’t follow you on Twitter (he thinks it’s unfair to not follow all of his 1.2 million followers)—but you just can’t, why? Because he take pride in what he does, he’s good at what he does, and he’ll continue doing it no matter what. He warns everybody: “Nothing’s gonna make me stop. Nothing ever will.” Now that’s a line of an immortal.


Av iansomerhalder - 5 februari 2012 10:30

Här kommer en intervju med Ian. Han blev intervjuad av Terron Moore från Ology.com om IS Foundation och Damon och Elenas framtid. Inga spoilers för er TVD tittare som kollar i svensk takt.

OLOGY: What’s your Ology?

IAN SOMERHALDER: ConserveOlogy. I’m all about conservation.

If I can ask, what made you get involved and create The Ian Somerhalder Foundation? A lot of people want to create social change, but people don’t always do something about it.

Just being from a really delicate ecosystem—I’m from the Gulf Coast in Louisiana—so it’s literally one of the most delicate ecosystems in the world. It’s so unique and amazing. 45% of all the wetlands in America are in Louisiana where I grew up. If we lose those, we’re screwed. Which we pretty muchdid, after BP. And that feeling of helplessness... I decided that no one should ever feel that way.

So our organization is all about empowering people through education. And it’s unfortunate, but the education in this country is lacking. There’s a lack of information out there, but the positive spin on that is that there’s so much media and social networking that we can now transfer information so quickly. And it’s really catching on. It’s absolutely awe-inspiring.

That sounds awesome.

I mean, think about it- 50% of all species will be extinct in 50 years, if we don’t do something about it.

How do you find time to do all of this?

No. [Expletive]. Idea. (Laughs) But the youth of the world… they’re a powerful group. It’s a new Generation X. And our outreach goes as far as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan… and then there’s the ISF Kids Army, and it’s kids from 6 to 15. A year and a half ago, a 6-year old girl sent ISF her tooth fairy money. She wanted to change the world. 6 years old. And she said “I know I don’t have a voice, but I want one.” So we said, okay, we’ll give you a voice. And now this kid has like 10,000 twitter followers. She’s 7 now, and she’s protesting and yelling and screaming at Obama and rallying all of these kids together. She sent me a picture [of her protest] and I retweeted it and it had over a million hits in a few days.

Wow, that’s really cool.

Yeah, there’s kids like that all over that don’t have a voice, but now these little guys get together and figure it out- they’re setting up recycling programs, they’re turning off their TVs when they leave… even showing their parents better ways to do things. It’s crazy. 

So let’s talk about The Vampire Diaries. Damon has done a lot of wrong to Elena over the years, but his reasoning for that has been good… right?

Yeah, killing someone’s brother is clearly the best way to say ‘I love you’! (Laughs) But there’s reasons we do everything.

So why is Damon so cynical?

You know, humor is a medicine for pain. It’s like a Band-Aid. There’s so much pain in these guys’ lives, and they use humor as medicine. And it works.

With the fanbase the way it is, people are very adamant that Elena be with either Damon or Stefan. But in your opinion, you see a point where the show ends and Elena doesn’t end up with one of the Salvatore boys?

Oh, I could totally see that. I mean, I think that the best thing for her would be to not end up with a Salvatore. But it’ll be tough. I have no idea. I mean, I think she’d be crazy to be with one of them. But love is weird, and love is odd. People always talk about this Damon and Elena relationship, and I just can’t see that happening. I mean, he is pretty enticing, and suave, and he’s charming. But he’s a dick. He really is.

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Av iansomerhalder - 1 februari 2012 20:23

Spoiler för er som kollar The Vampire Diaries i svensk takt!!

Ian blev intervjuad av EW.com/insidetv och dom frågade Ian om relationen mellan Elijah och Klaus:

"Their relationship has been founded on a lie that’s 1,000 years old, and so it’s a huge deal. He’s gotten away with it for a while.” (Ian Somerhalder jokes, “Geez, I used to lie to my brother for a couple of weeks and he’d be livid.”)

Och om Damon-Elena-Stefan relationen:

“I want what’s going to be the most interesting to happen,” says Somerhalder. “I don’t really know. Julie [Plec] was here for five days and I didn’t get anything out of her. I think Matt or Tyler or even the family dog would have a better chance of getting Elena than Damon would. The things this man has done to this teenage girl, it’s insurmountable amount of bad.”


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Av iansomerhalder - 29 januari 2012 14:00

Ian blev intervjuad av Styleandwisdom.com om att använda kändisstatus för att lysa upp globala problem och om Ian Somerhalder Foundation.                                               


 You might recognize Ian Somerhalder from the popular CW television show, The Vampire Diaries.  He plays Damon Salvatore, the vampire who broods over his brother's love interest, Elana.  Another memorable role for Somerhalder was Boone Carlyle, from Lost. In real life, however, Ian is not only an actor, but an activist.  I think one of the best descriptions of him around is written by him,  on his Twitter page. Ian's one line bio reads, "dead guy on LOST, now undead on The Vampire Diaries, still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma..."

On his 32nd birthday (December 8, 2010), Somerhalder created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which focuses on creating awareness about central topics: habitat conservation, species protection, and green energy initiatives.  The charity raises money to distribute to notable charities who work to protect each of the topics ISF tries to raise awareness for. One of the things that attracted this organization to me was that it really promotes working together. We're all creatures of the Earth, so any change that happens is going to need to come from ALL OF US. It's incredible for a charity to come along and say, "We're going to try to link everyone together." Most charities try to do their own thing.  

Somerhalder recently spoke in front of Congress to introduce ISF, in which he explained, "environmental conservation has not just been a passion of mine, but a priority." He went on to say, "When I began to find through my work as an actor that I was gaining an increasingly prominent platform from the American public, I knew immediately what I needed to do.  The IS Foundation is my attempt to use this opportunity of the share of the public's attention for the greater good."

Ian was gracious enough to take a few minutes out of his busy Vampire Diaries' schedule to answer a few questions I had for him about some of the topics his foundation aims to eliminate.  Along with Ian, we were also able to ask a few questions of the IS Foundation's Executive Director, Kim Klingler, who Ian has said is the backbone of the ISF team.  

Sarah Davis: ISF covers a wide variety of issues, from deforestation to animal cruelty to going green. What is your main goal? 
Ian Somerhalder: When you recognize that all life on this planet is inter-connected, it doesn't seem so varied. Every choice you make affects the whole, from the type of paper you use to the types of cosmetic you purchase. Each choice becomes an act, an act that either votes for or against the type of world you want to live in. We recognize that all the issues facing humanity and creatures are a web of problems and solutions that lie within our imagination. Our main goal is to inspire peoples' passions, with their imagination, to create projects around the world that inspire positive change that affects the web of life.

SD: You've mentioned that we all have to work together, with each other & with the planet to save it, essentially, has this idea been easy to instill in people since the creation of ISF?
Ian Somerhalder: We've learned a lot over the past year, and essentially yes, it's easy to instill the concept of collaborative action. There are kids, youth and adults all over this planet working in tandem together--some not even on the same continent! There is nothing more fueling and more sustainable than the human soul on fire. When you work with people who care as much as you do, it's rewarding beyond words. Even more so, when you can apply your natural talent to your passion, all the while co-creating with other people who are doing the same, it's nothing short of bliss.

SD: Deforestation- why is it important to spread the facts about what cutting down forests does to our planet? I love that you refer to it as "taking away the lungs" of the planet. 
Ian Somerhalder: I think the simplest answer is that without them, our planet cannot breathe. Do we really need to think further? They provide our oxygen, which last time I checked, was kind of essential to our existence. We must seek out alternative forms of "paper", our trees have taken thousands and thousands of years to become the bolstering forests we rape for paper products. We can't afford to continue deforesting and replanting. We need to look for alternatives to paper, PERIOD. We can put man on the moon, so why can't we do this?

Rose Davis: Can you explain a little bit about how medical research is affected by animal extinction? How much of an impact extinction of different species actually has?
Ian Somerhalder: Many biologists believe that we are entering the 6th Great Extinction in Earth's history, the 5th occurred with the dinosaurs demise. There is a species of cone snail that produces a potential pain killer that is 1000's times more potent than morphine. Polar Bears have the ability to teach us much about diabetes prevention, they carry so much blubber yet their insulin levels remain stable. Some of our oldest plants are threatened and these plants have seeds that are not covered, they have no shells. The most famous gift these gymnosperms have given us is a compound that contains amazing anticancer fighting strength (a drug called Taxol). This drug treats ovarian, breast and endometrial cancers. We think we are so much better than the "lower creatures" yet they do so many things much better than us. If we truly respect their capacity as change makers to the world we live in, it will be in our favor through continuing innovations in health and science. 

SD: What are your thoughts on the Internet & social media? It takes people farther and farther away from nature, but it allows organizations like yours to grow rapidly? Yay/nay?
Ian Somerhalder: The internet can educate people about nature like never before. They can see parts of nature they may never get to see in their lifetime and learn why our elements are so miraculous. It has the ability to inspire, educate and create action. The internet can encourage and spread social change by opening lines of communication with all the vast experiences, questions, and ideas floating around in minds across the globe. While I always think it's vital to one's sense of self to find time to electronically disconnect and physically relate to nature, the rapid developments in internet and social media create an incredible power for change makers who need to find the resources and channels for their ideas and inspirations.                           

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I den här bloggen kommer du ju självklart att få läsa om Ian Somerhalder! Välkommen!




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